The semester is FINISHED and now it is time for blogging and reading and writing and coding-for-fun and Netflix and video games and sunshine and swimming and taking dogs to the park and grilling and no mayo please and tanning and burning and peeling and flaking and FUN.

I wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to some of the reasons I got through those last 3 weeks of this semester:

1. A big thank you to CURE-EGG. You make waking up in the mornings possible.


2. I’d like to thank this fellow here for keeping me on track as my wallpaper when the lure of “fun internet” became so strong.




4. I wanted to thank my dog, Raven, for putting up with hours of her owner sitting on the floor, nose touching the computer screen, fingers hammering out code. You are a good dog, we’ll go to the park all summer and I’ll let you roll in the mud.


5. And finally, I’d like to thank all my friends and family for still liking me, even after not seeing me for 2 months because I’ve been cooped up in my lair working on projects and tests.  You guys are the best.



I feel like this shouldn’t even be a question.


Oh, the beauty of the internet!


So I wanted to blog today due to the fact that illness chains me to my apartment. I will spare you the details, but your hint is to just imagine what would happen to you if YOU undercooked your Chinese food for dinner last night…………..

ANYWAY, I would like to bring your attention to some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL websites on the internet! (You can view more in this reddit thread that was on the front page this morning.)


The WORST site on the internet

ACTUALLY awesome, useless sites for your enjoyment:

Love music? Love squares?

Garfield minus Garfield

Why no one in Russia is angry about getting a 404 error…

Clean your computer screen here!

This one is for Katherine and anyone else allergic to cats.

Have you ever wondered how long you could stay on a raft with a chicken?

How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?

A tumblr dedicated to looking at Kim Jong-Un looking at things. (The more pages you go through, the funnier it gets.)

Blast from your past!

Emails from an asshole

Stumped on what to make for dinner? THIS WILL HELP

Better than the weather channel

Colin’s Giraffe

Wishes for your health from the Porcelain Palace,


Better names for animals (JENNA MARBLES)

So I know I’m posting a lot today, but I’m ALL ALONE this weekend because my roommates went to Nashville and I’m HIGHLY caffeinated and…….let’s face it, I have no friends. And a ton of homework. That I’m going to put off until Sunday. I have like 4 websites to work on for 4 clients. Ugh. ANYWAY, I wanted to share a beautiful, educational, and very profane video of one of my YouTube heroes, Jenna Marbles, in which she renames common animals. And she does it so WELL. And FUCK YOU I CAN START A SENTENCE WITH ‘AND’ IF I WANT TO, THIS IS AMERICA YOU SHOULD BE PROUD I EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL AT ALL I’M FROM TENNESSEE FOR CHRISSAKES.

Sorry, like I said….HIGHLY CAFFEINATED.

(DISCLAIMER: Do not watch this video….or read my blog, for that matter……if you have problems with profanity. Or unnecessary Capitalization. Or EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPSLOCK.)  

I reddit on the sidelines.

reddit logo

So it’s time for me to relate a rather embarrassing story to you all. I am a lurker. (WOW that word has such a negative connotation!) Yes, my friends, I am a reddit lurker–I see all the pictures, read all the comments, but I watch you guys play from the sidelines. I don’t post, don’t comment, don’t upvote or downvote….or at least, I didn’t before I raked up the courage to make an account and put myself in the action.

For those of you who are only on the internet because you smashed your face on the keyboard and it took you to where you wanted to go, is “a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of either a link or a text (“self”) post. Other users then vote the submission ‘up’ or ‘down’, which is used to rank the post and determine it’s position on the site’s pages and front page.” (That was all from wikipedia, read the whole page here.)

reddit (and yes, it’s stylized as all lowercase letters, my grammar minions) is hailed as “The Front Page of the Internet”, and it is seen more each day as a significant source of news and happenings all over the world, especially issues that might not be covered on your evening news program. Remember when Twitter first started out, and it was seen as just another social media site? In the same way that people now check for to-the-minute updates on significant news stories, reddit has stepped into the limelight of the public eye (no longer just pictures of cats!) as a news feed.

During his 2012 campaign, in fact, President Barack Obama held a Q&A on reddit in a section I absolutely love, called ‘/r/IAmA’. What you do is you say, for example, “IAmA 2-time world champion underwater basket-weaver, AMA.” (AMA stand for “ask me anything”.) Then, with any luck, handfuls of questions will start pouring into the thread. “Where do you get your materials?” they might say, or, “What’s been your greatest challenge to overcome in this grueling athletic competition?” or even, “Have you felt that, as a young man, you’re seen as the underdog in this predominantly female sport?” When the President was answering questions from 4:30pmEST to 5pmEST, the server was under so much activity that it crashed.


As you may be able to tell, I love reddit. With everything that this site brings to the table, what’s not to love? (apart from /r/gore….that’s been my only “Oh, just passing through-OH GOD FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD, WHY DID I CLICK ON THAT LINK?!? Let’s just say, that thread is not discussing global climate change issues…) Anyway, back to my story…

I decide to hang up my lurker cape (why it has to be a cape, I’m not sure) after about 6 months of logging on almost daily. I registered, read the reddiquette, and used imgur to upload my first post: a picture of my dog to the subreddit /r/Aww. Within 10 minutes of posting the image, I had received a nasty comment from someone critiquing the quality of my camera. I was so sad…MY REDDIT BETRAYED ME! (I want to note here, not all redditors are created equally. This person may have a point about my crummy camera, but come on…cut me some slack, it’s my first day at a new school….)

Anyway, like the embarrassed little mouse that I am, I deleted the post, the comment, and my account altogether. Maybe this was extreme, but it just seemed like there was so much less pressure when I was on the bench reading about /r/todayilearned/ or laughing at pics on /r/funny/. I still love you, reddit, even if you aren’t returning any of my calls. I have enough love for the both of us, I know it.

(Hopefully both adorably and creepily) yours,



NPR on President Obama and reddit.

Wiki page on reddit.

/r/IAmA (so you can lurk, too!)


As part of my ‘Get the Happy Back’ extravaganza, Matt took me to the zoo this past Saturday! Full post tomorrow, but here are some preview pictures that Handsome McSmartyPants took while we were there.