I need some input on the legality here:

So I saw this video on Upworthy.com and I’m a little confused. I’ve never been to Washington D.C. so I don’t know much about the regulations. Can anyone tell me what went wrong in this video? Is it public disturbance in a national memorial or something? I’m very confused as to why these people were arrested, and I could use some honest input here.


9 thoughts on “I need some input on the legality here:

  1. I’m not a lawyer, but to me this is in the gray area of the First Amendment, and in DC post 9/11 professional vigilance is heightened. In all probability no charges will be filed, however police in tourist attractions (not just in DC) are now trained to be more reactive to situations that might be diversionary. The “dancers” might have been drawing attention to provide cover for pickpockets, or for someone to plant a bomb. So long as those detained are not harmed physically, they would likely receive an apology at the station when released.

    • Okay I hoped it would be something a little more reasonable than what was said in the comments of the video (YouTube comment legacy preceding itself and all that). The issue I found is that I agree with your assessment, Mikey, as it seems like a logical thing for the police to do (ensuring safety is very important)….but…. I dunno, I also found myself rooting for the people in the handcuffs.

  2. There are a couple reason why they were arrested. One, it was a protest against a judge ruling that it was illegal to dance in monuments. Idk why i guess it was seen as irreverent or to many flash mobs O.o. and then probably resisting arrest. and most likely their charges would includes racketeering cause thats basically a catch all charge

    it is as bad as the comments. watch the peoples follow up videos

    • A no dancing in monuments ruling? Was that really a thing? Interesting…hmmm…
      I watched 1 follow up video where a guy purposely danced at the Lincoln monument and it just made me angry. I see where both sides are coming from here, but I can’t help thinking that the freedom of speech issue has bigger infractions right now than dancing in monuments, you know?

      • I watched a couple of the videos where the girl that gets arrested at the beginning of the video u posted explains it and they showed up with a whole bunch more people. I guess she set it up. and there’s a guy dressed as Thomas Jefferson dancing and they sing Devo’s Safety Dance. And oh im sure there is more serious infractions, but serious stuff isn’t fun. Ridiculous infractions get news.

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