You are AWESOME, but you are not invincible.

So as some of you lovely (and in this case, NAGGING) readers already know, I am currently a walking cliche. I am 22, a college student, and I don’t have health insurance. Shocker, right? I’m FINALLY getting around to looking for/learning about/cursing at/despairing over the hows&whats&whos&wheres of the insurance industry, having finally convinced myself that the whys were worthwhile.

health-insurance Here’s where I really need some advice though, WordPress. Where do you get health insurance? Where do I start? Being on a family plan is not an option, and I’m not yet at the point in my life where your job gives you health insurance packages. So what next?

As a dedicated and devout Webist, I’m going to start googling and see what I can come up with, but if anyone has any suggestions for a clueless little girl  THE WORLD’S MOST PROACTIVE AND DETERMINED ORPHAN then, by all means, leave a comment here. Any bit of advice is greatly appreciated!



2 thoughts on “You are AWESOME, but you are not invincible.

  1. NUMBER ONE: I have found that living without it is a better game plan. You’re young, healthy, and don’t drive (Even if you did, Personal Injury Protection – PIP – Pays for medical injuries in auto related accidents). We are in the same boat, so here is my method: 1. You get sick. This could include UTI, Strep, Flu, Bronchitis (Ain’t nobody got time for that), Mono, Sinus Infection… ALL OF THESE ARE COVERED AND CAN BE TESTED at Walmart’s Take Care Clinic. They charge $79-$89 to diagnose and write you a skript to feel all betters (I checked the prices in your city), ALSO, they fill skripts right there in the pharmacy. Average antibiotic cost is $4. So, my secret advice – Don’t get insurance! Cobra is wicked expensive & you can get better the few times a year that you need a doctor for under $100. If you played some type of crazy sport, I’d say go for it due to broken bones, but other than that; If you’re under 40, generally healthy, not baby planning, and safe – stick to clinics for your yearly needs and wait to hear what happens with ObamaCare and the National Health Plan chaos. If I were you, I wouldn’t sign a contract until then.
    NUMBER TWO; If you’re looking for dental, check out HumanaOne. They have individual plans for $200/year. It gets you two cleanings a year and cavities are $35 each. Copay for each visit is $10. That’s what I use and it’s glorious.
    NUMBER THREE: Vision is tricky. You really only need a checkup when you feel that you can’t see well (in my opinion) – I don’t keep vision insurance. After much research, I decided that waiting for a coupon on an exam (sometimes free exams! But you’ll have to keep saying no when they try to get you to buy glasses). Also, has DARLING frames and lenses for $99. Wicked good deal! ($135 for blind people who don’t want HUGE lenses for their old person prescription).

    1. Hope that helps.
    2. Don’t judge me on my lack of caring in sentence structure.
    3. Smiley Face.

    • KTG, I love you! I don’t need dental and you’re right, I am pretty healthy, but vision is an issue. Not only am I supposed to get yearly checkups for eyeballs that don’t work all the way BUT I also have to get a yearly glaucoma exam (apparently I AM going to have glaucoma here eventually, the doctors just can’t predict how soon it will be an issue) which is VERY expensive. So bleh. I need to find a rich husband/win the lottery.

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