Better names for animals (JENNA MARBLES)

So I know I’m posting a lot today, but I’m ALL ALONE this weekend because my roommates went to Nashville and I’m HIGHLY caffeinated and…….let’s face it, I have no friends. And a ton of homework. That I’m going to put off until Sunday. I have like 4 websites to work on for 4 clients. Ugh. ANYWAY, I wanted to share a beautiful, educational, and very profane video of one of my YouTube heroes, Jenna Marbles, in which she renames common animals. And she does it so WELL. And FUCK YOU I CAN START A SENTENCE WITH ‘AND’ IF I WANT TO, THIS IS AMERICA YOU SHOULD BE PROUD I EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL AT ALL I’M FROM TENNESSEE FOR CHRISSAKES.

Sorry, like I said….HIGHLY CAFFEINATED.

(DISCLAIMER: Do not watch this video….or read my blog, for that matter……if you have problems with profanity. Or unnecessary Capitalization. Or EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPSLOCK.)  


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