Discussion #1


Agree or Disagree, and why?

The John Galt Project


3 thoughts on “Discussion #1

  1. I think he shouldn’t tell other people what their existential purpose is. I agree with him, but I don’t know if other people would. Believe it or not, I have met people who do not want to achieve their potential, a sad state to be sure, but I think people are made to do whatever they deem they were meant to do. The beautiful and simultaneously terrible thing about life is that you have choices to make (I won’t get into existential determinism here). If you have no destination then any road will take you there, which is why it is important to have plans.

    • Baleful, I agree with you on this one. Not everyone wants to spend their lives bettering themselves, which seems like what the author says our tireless purpose should be. It IS beautiful and terrible that, as humans, we have so many choices to make…some of which are choices about NOT doing something or NOT going after some dream or another.
      Also, I found it VERY interesting that you used ‘he’ to describe the author! Any reason in particular? Or was it just because I wrote the title of the book, “The John Galt Project,” at the bottom of the post?

  2. John Galt is from atlas shrugged. so I imagined that it was a quote from him, but now that you mention it I looked it up and the author is still make (mark quam) . Also, opportunity cost is just as (if not more) so expensive than choice itself in my opinion

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