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It’s WEDNESDAY, and you know what that means: SARAH GETS PAID AND HAS THE DAY OFF!!!!!

Oh. And also I try to make you smarter on Wednesdays.

That, too.


Quick preface: #1 New York Times Best Selling Author John Green is one of my heroes. This video I’m about to share is the first in a year-long series on U.S. History.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Why on earth would I relearn U.S. History? I learned that in high school…YAWN.” The thing is, we learn subjects in high school, middle school, and even college (if college is your thing) and then what do we do? WE FORGET. Especially me. It’s learning new things, refreshing our minds on the old things, and seeing an old subject from a new point of view that really makes a person keep it together. It keeps you young and sharp and lovely.


Other relevant links:

John’s YouTube channels



…and then if you go to either of those pages, you’ll find links to John’s brother, Hank, and all his channels. John writes books, Hank plays music, they both make videos and send them to each other. You’re gonna love it.

Wondering how I should start signing off here,



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