In the mug this evening


So I have this growing obsession with interesting/funny/awkward/weird/inappropriate/clever coffee mugs. I have collected 3 good cups in this category so far, and I thought I’d share them with you. The first two are an homage to my humor muse blog and the third IS ONE I ACTUALLY MADE FROM AN ACTUAL PINTEREST TUTORIAL THAT DIDN’T ACTUALLY BLOW UP IN MY FACE LIKE ALL THE OTHERS. I feel quite accomplished. Here are the ones from Allie’s site:

“I can do anything.”

“I procrastinate and that’s okay because I’m ten times less likely to become a serial killer.* (*rough estimation)”

And here is the one I made (in photochronological order, a word I just made up):

Things you need:
1. Normal, boring coffee mug
2. Permanent Marker(s)
3. Oven

Step 1: Write stuff on your mug. Or decorate it with your doodles. Do whatever you want, just MAKE IT MORE AWESOME!

Step 2: Preheat your dirty, spaghetti sauce-speckled oven to 350 degrees. Wait for that annoying buzzer. Maybe clean off your oven while you wait. Maybe eat more spaghetti instead.

Step 3: Wait MOAR for oven to preheat. Add MOAR awesome to your mug’s design.

Step 4: DON’T BE STUPID LIKE SARAH, LEARN FROM SARAH’S MISTAKES. Put your mug UPSIDE DOWN directly ON THE OVEN RACK, NOT on a baking sheet (as shown). Putting the mug on a baking sheet will ensure that everything you can’t manage to scrub off of the baking sheet will leap onto your pretty, clean mug and you’ll spend 20 minutes trying to clean it off.

Step 5: Go watch YouTube videos of cats, infants, cats acting like infants, and infants acting like cats for 20 minutes.

Step 6: Carefully remove mug from oven (it WILL be hot!), let it cool, and ENJOY HOW MUCH COOLER AND MORE ATTRACTIVE YOU ARE DUE TO YOUR NEWLY CUSTOMIZED COFFEE MUG.


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