Lizzie & Kitty & Jane & Darcy & Bing Lee

Do you like “Pride and Prejudice”? Do you like funny YouTube videos? Do you like to see young people getting interested in classic literature through the media sources we have available in the year 2012?

I do. I like all those things. Most importantly, I like people who make reading (and literacy, on a larger scale) cool again. It is for these reasons (and more that involve girlish squeals and shirtless men) that I LOVE The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a YouTube project wherein a group of very talented young adults retell Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (1.) as if the events in the novel were happening in 2012 and (2.) THROUGH VLOG EPISODES.

I can’t express fully how awesome I think this idea is. The link above will lead you to a playlist of Lizzie Bennet’s videos (of which there are 61 in total!!!) wherein she tells about her daily life, from dealing with her maniacal mother Mrs. Bennet to worrying about the actions of her younger sister Lydia (who now has a spin-off vlog of her own…you’ll love her if you’re a P&P fan already, she’s absurd and perfect) to stressing about the happiness of her sweet older sister Jane (also perfect….THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD).

In projects like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries I find my hope for classics like Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Put Keira Knightley in all the Blockbuster’s you’d like, but until you make the stories of the classic interesting to those who do not like to read classics, you’ll just have a small group of interested people. Make the stories accessible to this emerging generation and the tales will survive and prosper for centuries to come.


Lizzie Bennet’s YouTube channel

WATCH ALL THE EPISODES (you don’t even have to press NEXT, it’s a playlist!)

Official LBD site


2 thoughts on “Lizzie & Kitty & Jane & Darcy & Bing Lee

  1. I don’t like Pride & Prejudice but I agree that any person or idea that gets people otherwise not interested, interested in any of the classics is an awesome idea! The same goes for those (silly, in my opinion) adaptations such as Pride, Prejudice & Zombies (I might have the title wrong there).

    • Exactly! To be honest, I received “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” as a gift and I’ve yet to finish it BUT what I have read has been a silly, hilarious take on the classic P&P novel-it’s just making the novel more accessible to different readers, and that’s fantastic! I don’t care what you read, how you read, or what you read it on-just KEEP READING.

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