I think I would be a great addition to TEAM WORDPRESS because….

I have a lot of good ideas.

For example, I have a few ideas for getting people PUMPED ABOUT POSTING! The following are a few very profession mock-ups of my proposed motivational campaign.

Instead of the classy but understated…

…I think I’d be more inclined to post on a regular basis if my reinforcer looked a bit like this…

I think that positive reinforcement is a very important aspect in any successful website–users should be rewarded with praise or some kind of positive desirable item when they act in a way the experimenter uh, I mean, the Web host, wants them to behave.

Likewise, negative reinforcement (or REMOVAL of something unpleasant to the person) should be implemented when the person is posting in a sloth like manner.

Para examplomentay:

Following a negative reinforcer like the one seen above, the poster will feel more inclined to post again and again, so as to not anger the WordPress Overlords.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my ideas for the site with you, WordPress. Think of my blog as a sort of ‘working resume’.

Satirically yours,

– Sarah


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