Not normal.

So I should stop telling people about the inner workings of my mind. Apparently I’m not normal. I was eating dinner tonight with Paloma and her boyfriend, Dennis, at this fantastic Mexican restaurant, Chuy’s. I don’t recall how the subject came up, but for some reason I told them about my (what I believed to be GENIUS) plan for picking where I’m going to move next. If you have an iPhone, you’ve obviously seen the little weather app that come pre-loaded on the phone.

It’s not a big deal, just an app that comes in handy on occasion (I use mine constantly because I live in East Tennessee and the weather is like a menstruating teenage girl- sometimes hateful, sometimes sweet, often weepy, frequently dangerous, and always unpredictable.)

Anyway, I didn’t think that my plan for choosing my Next Great Adventure was anything out of the ordinary. I picked out a few places. I researched them a little. I’ve added every single city to my daily weather iPhone app. The usual stuff, right? From the sound of Paloma and Dennis’s laughter, I guess not so normal.

I JUST THOUGHT that if I can pretty much be happy anywhere, I need to make sure the weather doesn’t suck. If I’m constantly complaining about the weather, people are going to think I’m British and that’ll just be difficult to explain my way out of…….. Oh yes, tiny half-Irish/half-Mexican girl with a southern accent hailing from the soggy streets of London….

(Actually, throw in a priest, a rabbi, and a bar and you’ve got a decent watercooler joke somewhere…)

ANYWAY, here are some screenshots from my iPhone for this evening’s weather:

Are there any cool cities you think I should consider? If you think of any, let me know, dear internet people, because I can add up to 15 total weather cities on this phone…


– Sarah



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