The Great TP Debate

If you’re anything like me, you love to be right a good argument. Though this may not be the most…erm….intellectual topic, I’d highly suggest putting the facts stated in the following infograph into your debate arsenal. I wish you many successes for the future besting of your spouse, friends, siblings, and anyone else who will listen.



7 thoughts on “The Great TP Debate

    • I completely agree. Sometimes it’s disgusting how capital-T They are always trying to cover these controversial issues up. They don’t want the people to know what’s going on in the world. But you and I, we think the people have a right to know!

  1. I love this! I’ve been trying to explain to my hubby for years why ‘over’ is right and ‘under’ is wrong but he just doesn’t get it! Maybe the visual aids in your post will help him come over to the right side!

  2. I agree. Or at least, I did once upon a time. Then I got a cat. Let me tell you something about cats. If they see a little flap just flapping about, they will swat it. If they do swat it, they will hook a claw in to it. When they hook a claw in to it, they WILL pull and pull and pull until the roll is as butt-naked as, well, you know.
    If your cat does not have claws, then their paws will press that flap against the wall until they are able to pull it down and then, well, you can refer back to the butt-naked comment if you need to.

    For those of you who do not have cats then I suggest purchasing a roll of novelty toilet paper and replacing the real stuff with that. This stuff never unrolls because, well, as real as it looks, it’s not. When you get that call from the bathroom, “Honey! Uhm, help?”

    “Which way does the toilet paper go?”

    Uhm, over?”

    “Good job. Next time, I make you use your hand.”

    Ha! Ew, but ha!

    • This is hilarious. I could never own a cat (something about litter boxes…bleh!) but I think they are the most hilarious animals…seriously, I’m picturing you coming home, opening the bathroom door, and seeing your cat sitting there surrounded by shredded TP. Winter wonderland, just for you!

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