In the mug this morning

Well, this post is a bit late since work has been so busy, but here’s what’s in the mug this muggy morning:


I’m pretty sure we brew Starbucks Breakfast Blend here at the office, but whoever is in charge of my morning fuel adds the coffee grounds with a heavy hand. Still, it definitely gets me going.

I work in a call center as a verbal punching bag for people who are incredibly unhappy with their little lives customer service representative for a financial company. Without going into too much detail about the company (since I’m not completely sure my supervisors would like that), let’s just say I only work here for the steady job, the good pay, and the people I work with (not to be confused with the customers themselves.) It’s a fairly easy job, so you may just catch me blogging in my downtime.

I’ve got a few ideas for post series to put on here, but I’d like to know what YOU want to read! My ideas so far:

1. Obviously this “in the mug this morning” series will go stale pretty quickly seeing as I’m a poor college student without the extra means to buy all the caffeinated desires of my heart; HOWEVER, I’ve been salivating over several pinterest recipes for coffee/smoothies/shakes/teas/cocktails that I’ve been dying to try, so maybe I can add a few posts like this?

2. “In other news” is a segment I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while. It will focus not on politics, wars, celeb betrayals, or ax-murderers, but instead shine a light on all the stories you didn’t hear about on the front page (i.e. English artist Sue Austin scuba diving in her wheelchair or Vernissage’s fashionable new take on boxed wine.) Sure, these may not be the most need-to-know stories on the current state of the world, but I find them soothing after being assaulted all day by stories of violence, greed, and power-plays.

3. “SARAH’S FAVORITE THINGS” is a series much like Oprah’s Favorite Things, only more disappointing because no one gets a free car/plane/cruise ship/island/beluga whale. Still, it’s nice to discover new items that may be just what you need to gift that hard-to-please teenager or “Oh-don’t-get-me-anything” mother-in-law.

4. DIY Saturday! Number of things I’ve pinned/repinned on Pinterest: 1,664. Number of crafts I’ve attempted from these pins: 7. That’s ridiculous. Enough said.

5. “Where in the World Wide Web” is a series of posts where I’d like to showcase some of the awesome things on the internet that you may not have known about previously. There’s really no need to play FarmVille- there’s a whole Wide World out there just waiting for you!

I’d love any feedback you have on these series, feel free to leave it in my comments!

Until then,



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