My sister (left) and me.

So I wanted to take a minute to tell you all (as of today, all FIVE of you lovely, beautiful followers!) about my sister Paloma’s wordpress blog: AmorPalomaDesigns. This girl does EVERYTHING– she bakes, she crafts, she even makes her own fashion designs! She’s ridiculous.

This is more than some shameless plug, though- I plan on collaborating with this perfect freak-of-nature on some future projects which will hopefully turn out well, so I wanted to introduce you now. I feel as if we are all good chums already!

I may as well introduce you to another member of my family, too, for she’ll be an important character in many of my stories down the road.

Raven Hepburn

My dog, Raven, is the funniest soul I’ve ever met. She has a pretty hilarious twitter, and she loves just about everyone*** on the planet. Weighing in at just under 6lbs., Raven is a tiny dog with a huge personality. As you’ll find out in the near future, this dog ‘thinks she’s people’ and is under the impression that any time not spent paying attention to her is time sorely wasted.

Anyway, more to come on this adorable menace of mine. You’re going to love her.


***After our recent move, I’ve discovered a total of two people in the world that Raven dislikes- an elderly man and woman of Asian descent. After weeks of trying to figure out why my dog growls angrily at these sweet, even-tempered people, I’ve given up and I’m decidedly chalking it up to racism. I have a racist dog. Great.


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